OnTheDay.net data policy

OnTheDay.net makes use of athlete information to provide our service. While most of the information we receive and display is available publicly, some information we receive (such as email addresses) can be private. We will do all we can to secure your private information.

How we get race data

Race data comes to OnTheDay.net from a variety of sources.

  1. Data downloads from race promoter-selected event registration services. Examples include: BikeReg.com, TrueSport.com and USA Cycling.
  2. Information transcribed from event release forms of day-entry athletes by race personnel.
  3. The transcribed information from day-entry release forms is cross-referenced with information provided by licensing organizations. For example: USA Cycling makes available to race promoters a list of active license holders.
  4. Results information from the event officials or electronic timing systems.
  5. Other ways we haven't thought of yet!

How we use race data

OnTheDay.net compiles and presents race data in various ways.

  1. Pre-registered athlete information from a registration service is cross-referenced with the licensing organization's data to ensure accuracy of details such as team names. The cross-referenced data is available publicly on our site (equivalent data is generally also available through the originating registration services).
  2. Start lists are populated as pre-registered and day-entry athletes report to registration. The start lists are available publicly on our site. Race personnel have access to printable PDF versions for use by race officials and announcers.
  3. OnTheDay.net is used to convert race numbers or timing chip codes listed in finish order into results with complete athlete information. These results are available publicly on our site. Race personnel have access to printable PDF versions for posting at races.
  4. Some races are part of a series – race results and athlete information are used to compile the series standings. Series standings are available publicly on our site. Race personnel have access to printable PDF versions for posting at races.
  5. Statistics are compiled for each race. Some limited statistics are available publicly and the full statistics are available privately to race personnel. An "End of Day" printable PDF report with participant counts and other information is compiled for submission to race officials.
  6. OnTheDay.net aggregates statistics across many races for our own information – we use this information primarily for our own development purposes. From time to time we may also publish summaries of our aggregate statistics.

Email and other notifications

  1. Notifications
    OnTheDay.net is implementing notification capability. Managing these functions will require a registered account.
  2. Email confirmation
    Registration requires a valid email address. We will send you an email as part of the registration process that needs to be confirmed. Other contact methods will also require validation.
  3. Information updates
    OnTheDay.net will occasionally send emails highlighting new features to our promoters or important information to our registered users.
  4. Emergencies
    Athletic events have inherent risks. Occasionally it may be necessary to use or pass your contact information to appropriate race and emergency personnel.

How we use your data

OnTheDay.net respects your private information.

  1. OnTheDay.net moved to using the HTTPS protocol in November 2015 to encrypt data while in transit to and from your browser. Look for the lock symbol in your browser's address bar: .
  2. We will only use email addresses and other private contact information supplied to the site for the uses outlined above.
  3. We will not sell or provide your email addresses or other private information to third parties for marketing or other purposes.

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