Stage Races & Race Series

Running a race series or stage race? can further streamline athlete and results data management with automatic generation of stage race classifications and race series standings.

Each athlete or team has their own page giving full scoring details for each category entered. Each team page links to the athletes who contributed to the team's score.

Race Series Examples

Series summary: 2016 Red Kite Omnium

Stage Race Examples

Stage Race summary: 2017 Memorial Day Stage Race & Omnium

What does this mean?

  • is used normally for each race or stage.
  • Updates to classifications and standings occur automatically during the race or stage.
  • Athletes and spectators use to access the latest classifications and standings immediately.
  • At end of stage or race:
    • No further work required after processing results – it's already done!
    • No late-in-the-day "spreadsheeting-while-tired" to update classifications for the next stage.
    • Quickly print and post the latest classifications or standings at race HQ.
    • Someone just got more sleep!

Did we mention that this is automatic?

We work with you to understand the details of your stage race or series, then gets to work and takes care of the rest.


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