Promoters is written by a long-time race registration director for race registration directors.

Key feature: Multi-station data entry

  • Start with an internet hotspot – this could be a smart-phone with the feature or a dedicated hotspot device.
  • Connect two or more laptops.
  • Add a printer.
  • The data entry bottleneck is eased – two or more people can enter data simultaneously.

Before race day is configured ahead of your race day. You and your registration crew can learn the intuitive workflows in private before race day. Resetting and publishing your race for race day is straightforward.

Prior to your race day we will:

  • Configure your race day & events.
  • Help you learn how to use
  • Upload the latest national athlete database ahead of your event.
  • Upload your pre-entries from your chosen event registration service – the data are automatically cross-referenced with the latest athlete database for accuracy.
  • Automatically generate registration worksheets for use at athlete registration.

On The Day

Your registration crew will thank you!

  • Straightforward check-in of pre-registered athletes.
  • Multiple race personnel can enter data simultaneously.
  • Last-minute rushes of same-day entries are easier to process.
  • Licensed athlete database search minimizes data entry for day entries.
  • Adding new athletes is also straightforward.

Your officials will thank you!

  • Day entries merge seamlessly with pre-registrations.
  • Officials at start/finish can view start lists as they are compiled by race personnel at registration.
  • PDF versions of the start lists are available for printing so the officials can work with hard copies.
  • Built-in error checking – duplicate race numbers and results are prevented.

Your racers & spectators will thank you!

  • Start lists are available publicly.
  • Race results are available on-line immediately after data entry, even before they are posted at race HQ!
  • PDF versions of the results are available for printing and posting.

End of race day

You will thank yourself! streamlines the end of day tasks.

  • Full rider count breakdown, including count of unique riders for Chief Referee's report to USAC.
  • will submit your race results to USA Cycling results & rankings system.
  • Full results PDF file for posting results on your own website.

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